About Us

We aim to represent a growing community of urban explorers and new age photographers that have a different perception on the cities we live in. The act of ‘urban exploration’ is defined as the exploration of “not usually seen components in a man-made environment”. 

Experiencing sights only very few get to see is a unique feeling, however, these activities are often met with controversial stereotypes. As a brand, we want to show how stereotypes cannot define the way someone is perceived. Urban Exploring is not illegal, but it’s often portrayed as an act of crime. The satire we promote is in the name itself, and the message we deliver is mocking those who do not take the time to think before they conclude. 

Core values of our brand:

Give people an incentive to explore.

Bring a mainstream cult to Urban Exploring. 

Change the media’s negative perception of Urban Exploring. 

Some photographers strive for angles that just cannot be achieved with a normal lifestyle; this age brings a new style of media to the scene, including cinematography and parkour. Express what you believe and represent the scene.

Contrarian Clothing. Urban Clothing for an Urban Lifestyle.