About Us

Executive Summary

Sattire Clothing manufactures durable and stylish clothes featuring designs and prints that carry a message and sense of identity. In an ever growing culture of materialism, the singularity has become the group, and people are left with saturated options, with the same aesthetic and design. The brand is designed to withstand the harsh landscapes that urban explorers experience, all while maintaining a sleek aesthetic at all times.


Urban Exploring (Urbex) is defined as exploring “not usually seen components in a man-made environment”, and this is something that is starting to flourish thanks to social media influencers on multiple platforms. Re-discovering lost charm in an abandoned building, climbing the highest crane, running free on rooftops all is categorised under Urbex, but nobody has specifically targeted this audience.

The satire in our messages exposes the stereotypes controlling the public vision. Urban Explorers are not criminals, they are recycling artists. We forget to look up at the puppeteers who make our decisions.

Sattire Clothing is for everyone. Being a part of a culture increases your personal sense of worth, and helps you find a community that you can express yourself in. We do not discriminate against size, age, sex or race, we all share the same views.

The Products

As a brand, we are serving the urbex audience by providing them with clothing and miscellaneous items that are suitable for the uncommon terrain.

Some clothing stores have tried to enter this market, most notably The North Face. Their products are expensive, and in the environments that Urban Explorers are in, their clothes can be damaged. These brands are using regular materials in extreme environments, and they do not last.

By using workwear fabric we can increase durability of our products, while maintaining a comfortable and stylish garment that is intended to be worn both casually and while exploring.

Our products feature a generic cosmetic. On most of our products, there is limited branding and neutral colours. By using natural colours, the products will naturally blend the customer in with their environment, which is a desired trait.